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What We Do?

With ever increasing postal charges looming all around the Globe, it looks like shoppers will have no choice but to only shop locally and buying internationally will become something only possible for the big fish. Or does it…

The Post Lady offers international shoppers a safe UK mailing and holding address, suitable for all UK purchases from online retailers, eBay and social media pages.  

It can often be expensive to have individual purchases sent internationally. Especially if you want to make multiple small purchases, from various retailers or online sellers the UK.  The cost of sending several small parcels internationally can soon mount up, making postage alone pretty expensive.

The Post Lady offers a secure UK address, where you can have your purchases sent.  You can then continue to add purchases to your own personal basket, until you are ready to have them all sent to you in one go. 

Shopping made easy!


Each time The Post Lady takes a parcel for you, it is weighed to provide you with a combined shipping weight of all of your purchases, meaning you can easily keep track of any parcels coming into the facility. We can send anything up to 20kg!

We will then arrange the postage of your entire bundle of purchases to you direct, or to a secure location such as parcel lockers (size restrictions may apply), whenever you are ready to send.

This is particularly beneficial where a business offers free postage or all inclusive to a UK address or where a company is happy to post internationally, but wants a flat fee, regardless of the size of your purchase. Some UK online retailers are not able to offer international postage due to their insurance restrictions, or will only post to countries within the EU.

Unlike other mail box providers who simply redirect individual parcels, The Post Lady offers a safe holding location for all of your purchases. Not only does this significantly reduce your international postage costs, but it also means you are doing your part to reduce your own air carbon footprint.

Some other mailboxes will require you to guess how much post you will receive during your contracted period, or charge high handling fees per parcel, or ask for over £100 for a set period. We don’t think any of these are helpful when you want to keep cost low. After all, the more you save on mailboxes and postage, the more you can spend on your purchases!

As an example, an individual package of 600g to USA via royal mail international standard is £11.65*.
If that same customer made 2 more purchases weighing 600g in the same month this would cost them £34.95* on postage in that one month.
However 1800g to USA international standard £18.30*
A saving of £16.65* per month or nearly £200* per year if regularly purchasing a similar amount per month.

On a smaller scale, at £5.00* each time for 7 large letter sized parcels of say 220g can also quickly add up to over the price of a small parcel as noted above (around £35.00*). If sent all together, 1540g would cost £17.50*. A saving of £17.50* or over £200* per year if regularly purchasing a similar amount per month.
(*Prices correct at time of print)

Each user is given a unique reference number to identify them here in the post room and a UK address where mail can be accepted at any time of the day by Royal Mail or by courier. This will be given to you once you have registered.

When using eBay or checking out on a webshop, you simply save your name followed by your unique reference number and The Post Lady address. When using Ebay you can add this to your saved addresses, so that any purchases paid for by paypal are covered by paypals buyer guarantee.

Some websites give you the option to add both home address and postal address if this is different to your home address.

After making your purchase you can log in to your personal account to check it has arrived safely.  Although, we will email you as soon as it arrives.   There is no need to let us know its coming. As long as your are registered and hold a unique reference number, we will accept your post.

Every time a parcel is accepted for you, we will weigh it and add it to any previous parcels received to give you a running total of your parcels weight. This will alert you that a parcel you have had sent, has been received.

The cost for this service is currently just £29.95 per year. This covers all processing, storing and sorting of mail.
The only other costs are your onward postage plus £1 per shipment for packaging.

As many times as you like. 4 times per year or 40, its completely up to you and the same price regardless of the number of shipments you make. We do ask that your basket is completely empty, at least 3 days before the end of your contract term.

Please see our Shipping advice page for a breakdown of all current Royal Mail tariffs. You can also find a rough guide of services available from the most widely used international couriers.
At any point, you can click on the ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’ button and we will send you a selection of up to date quotes from a range of shipping methods based on the weight and size of your basket.
Please note that we are not responsible for any inbound customs and VAT charges. Already know which service you would like to use to ship? No problem, just pop us a note and we will invoice you. You can also book your own courier and have the label emailed to us. We will invoice you separately for your packing costs.

We always suggest that you have items sent to us using trackable methods where possible. These are the new Royal Mail ‘tracked’ options or by courier, or for piece of mind, Royal Mail ‘recorded’ options require a signature when they get to the post room.

Standard Royal Mail parcels carry some degree of tracking now, and are scanned by the Royal mail post person when they reach our post room. Always ask the person sending your mail to retain a proof of posting.

We have so far, never had a parcel go missing en route to us, however if this should happen, we can point you in the right direction.

We understand having your purchases sent to an unknown place can be daunting and this is why we give you the opportunity to cancel your contract within the first 14 days, as long as you have not had any post sent to The Post Lady. Any post which is received after a cancelled contract will be returned to sender. We will refund your registration costs 30 days after your notice to quit minus £10 administration fees.

Yes, within reason!
We can only send items which do not feature in our Prohibited Items section on the Postage Advice page.
It must also fall within certain size catagories and weigh no more than 20kg combined. Remember that you need to pay onward shipping costs. Something to consider before clicking ‘confirm’ on those surfboards. Your parcels must also not contain anything which would be deemed illegal in either our country or yours.
Although we do not open your packages, we reserve the right to, if we believe that your parcel may be in breech of our terms and conditions.

Not only is The Post Lady financially beneficial to shoppers, but it is easier and more simple for small businesses or sellers, who are unable or feel uncomfortable selling to customers outside the UK.

Even if your business offers international post, a customer may be reluctant to pay high postage costs to have a small item sent internationally from the UK. They may however, be happy to purchase if they can take advantage of your ‘FREE POSTAGE WITHIN THE UK’ option or only pay local rate postage to have it sent to The Post Lady. We understand that as a small business, every sale is important and we are proud to support many small businesses across the UK. The online retailers that we work with are delighted that we have provided them with a solution, and through us, have been able to open their doors to international buyers. Just check out our testimonials. Drop us a message through this Contact Us link or on Facebook to ask how we can support your small business.

No. It is important that you only use your Post Lady address as a postal address and not a home address. Your Post Lady address may not be used to register vehicles or for the electoral role. Stating that your Post Lady address is your residence will be deemed as fraud and could result in your account being cancelled.

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